The Zone @ UC San Diego

The Zone at UC San Diego is a student wellness lounge designed to promote healthy, balanced living to the students of UC San Diego. It offers a variety of free programs such as yoga, body composition assessments, meditation, therapy dogs, healthy cooking demos, and more. In the meantime, it is a safe and quiet study area where students can go to grab free tea and nap on giant bean bags.

In my second year at college, I was hired as a graphic design intern. By my third year of college, I was the graphic design intern lead. This is where I learned to guide a team and create a safe, productive environment for design critiques and constructive feedback.

As the team lead, I was responsible for ensuring the understanding of the brand identity behind our designs: safe, welcoming, friendly, and positive.


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Graphic Design

The Zone Hiring Campaign Poster

Healthy Cooking Demo poster

Cigarette Cleanup Poster

Therapy Dogs Poster


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I was the art director in creating the very first official branding guidelines for The Zone. My team member Vanessa took the lead in the actual creation and compiling of the guide.